an exquisite white box tied with black ribbon

“At a time of deep loneliness she received a package from Antwerp – an exquisite white box tied with black ribbon – like a photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe…In truth, I was that girl and this modest gesture produced the joy of recognition. I understood that I was not alone.” — Patti Smith on Ann Demeulemeester.

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we tell ourselves stories in order to live

A Joan Didion documentary. My idol. 


My sister recently turned me on to an amazing blog called Trash is for Tossers. Lauren is a very chic and dedicated New York environmental activist who, over the past year, has minimized her waste to almost nothing (seriously, her trash fits in a jar). It really gave me a wake up call and cemented a very clear goal: stop wasting, stop buying so much, be militant about recycling and get a compost bin (if it can be done in Brooklyn then I can do it in London). I feel so excited to make better choices - from what I eat to where I shop, from small things (using a Keep Cup and saying no thank you to a plastic bag or fork) and big things to (taking a train instead of flying, being considered about large purchases and as much as I can, buying antique or vintage or if that's not possible, the least impactful option).

Lauren is most certainly proof that a sustainable, zero waste lifestyle is neither boring nor 'crunchy'. She wears only second-hand clothing and makes her own skincare items and toothpaste, as well as taking her Mason jar everywhere (I love that she takes it on the plane and Eurostar).

At the very least it's inspired me to question so many things and make much more considered decisions.

I'll share a few discoveries later this week - some incredible sources for vintage clothing and some thoughts on skincare; some easy swaps you can make in the kitchen and cleaning department. Also, I totally bought a MoonCup.

enjoying: ballets russes

"Layered jewel tones and Art Nouveau elements to exotic ends…"

elsewhere: trini

There comes a time when one can't take any more fashion blogs. I don't read them anymore, really, and there's nothing more luxurious than not thinking about getting dressed. It's not that I don't care how I look, it's just that I'm not obsessed with buying things.

It's partly to do with being 30, and partly to do with having all the clothes I want, apart from a few bits and pieces I am happy to wait for, to buy slowly. 

But I do have to admit I got excited about reading Trini's posts, right back to the very beginning of her blog, something I haven't done in ages! It made me so excited about making my wardrobe really streamlined and simple and full of only perfect, quality things. It also made me feel much better about dressing in what I sometimes consider a slightly mundane way - black trousers, loafers, striped tops. 

the everyday

Objects in spaces on The Everyday, placing the beautiful pieces stocked in Katie Lockhart's store Everyday Needs in real life homes. 


I like stickers, 90s references and natural skincare. Hello, Glossier. Well done, Emily Weiss. 

do you read me?

A few of my favourite sites about books.

Claire Cotterell's BOOK STAND

The brilliant Book---Shop

The gorgeous Librarian

And, my favourite, Girl Eats Books: I had to rush straight out and by this James Salter book (and can't wait to read it whilst eating a cheese plate, preferably sourced from Le Fromagerie, the best cheese store in London.)

Plus, this - a secret bookstore in a New York apartment, here.  

tripping // mexico city

I mainly just ate in Mexico City. 

reading // magic molly young

When I don't know what book to read next, I just look at writer Molly Young's Tumblr.

Her reviews are short and to the point. She said of one recent read: "Decently entertaining. More interested in the muffin though."